Air Spain is a Virtual Airline that emulates the activity of a hypothetical aviation company through a flight simulator. Our philosophy is that each member creates or uses the routes already created with the origin, destination and aircraft of their choice.

This airline will use for its virtual flights the call sign XSNXXXX "XSN Air Spain" for its communications.

You can do instrumental or visual flights, online or offline.

We offer you absolute freedom.

In the case of connecting to any network, we require you to observe the appropriate standards of behavior and courtesy.

If any member wishes to connect to the VATSIM network, we offer them the possibility of sending the flight plan directly.

for * Requirements to be part of Air Spain:
None for * Operations
Each route is planned exclusively for the selected aircraft as it provides information on the passage, cargo and fuel necessary for the flight. If we want to do that route with a different aircraft, we must create a new route with the corresponding data.
The monitoring and reporting of the flight will be done with the Acars program, which is free and available in our download area.
for * Confidentiality
The personal data of any member is of a private nature, internal use and exclusively for communication purposes, as established in Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Data Protection.
for * Discharges
Any member of Air Spain can request their withdrawal by contacting any administrator at the email and it will be effective immediately.